Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond
Featuring the LK Massage Programme®

DVD (2 discs)
Price £19.95 (plus delivery)

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Optional Extra: Aide-Mémoire leaflet

DVD (2 discs) + aide-mémoire
Price: £21.50 (plus delivery)

The LK Massage Programme® designed and taught by three midwives is a pleasurable coping strategy for first time mums and those with other children, suitable wherever you choose to birth your baby. The techniques combine massage, controlled breathing and visualisation.

Enjoy the last month of pregnancy and prepare for labour in a relaxed, calm and confident way. If during this time you experience problematic backache, use the back massage as described and feel the benefit. Limit your need for drugs in childbirth by trying these simple and effective massage techniques.

Ideally if you can attend a class this is advisable, please contact Childbirth Essentials for further details.

The Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond DVD package includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to the simple massage techniques practised during the class; the birth partner will learn back, arm and leg massage

  • How the massage techniques connect with and help control the mother's breathing

  • An introduction to simple visualisation

  • A complementary DVD showing specific shoulder and back massage to use following birth is included

DVD Price £19.95 excl. p&p

DVD plus Aide Mémoire Price £21.50 excl. p&p

The aide-mémoire is a pocket sized written reminder of elements described in the DVD.

'The small booklet/aide-mémoire was very useful antenatally and for my partner to refer to during labour.' (Mother)

This DVD is intended to be used by women and their birth partners only – not for professional use. Professional DVDs are available with the Professional courses.

For more information about the DVD, the LK Massage Programme® and courses in childbirth massage techniques, please contact Childbirth Essentials website.


Also available:

Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond DVD including Aide-Mémoire Leaflet

£21.50 (plus p&p)

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